Toyota FJ Cruiser Repair Manual 2006-2014

Toyota FJ Cruiser Repair Manual 2006-2014



4.0 L 1GR-FE V6

6-speed manual (4WD only)
5-speed automatic


Extra Information:

a. This manual is written as per SAE J2008.

I. Determination

ii. Eliminating/Installing, Replacing, Disassembling/Reassembling, Checking and Adjusting

iii. Last Inspection

b. The accompanying methodology are discarded from this manual. In any case, these techniques should be


I. Utilize a jack or lift to perform activities

ii. Clean completely eliminated parts

iii. Play out a visual check

a. A sequential INDEX area is given toward the finish of the manual as a kind of perspective to help

you discover the thing to be fixed.

a. Utilization of Special Service Tools (SST) and Special Service Materials (SSM) might be required,

contingent upon the maintenance method. Make certain to utilize SST and SSM when they are required and

follow the working strategy appropriately. A rundown of SST and SSM is in the “Readiness” area

of this manual.

a. A segment outline is put under the title where essential.

b. Non-reusable parts, oil application zones, precoated parts and force particulars are

noted in the segment outlines.

c. Force details, oil application territories and non-reusable parts are underscored in

the systems.


There are situations where such data must be clarified by utilizing a delineation. In

these cases, the data is depicted in the representation.

d. Just things with key focuses are depicted in the content. What to do and different subtleties are

disclosed utilizing outlines close to the content. Both the content and outlines are went with

by standard qualities and takes note