Best Car GPS Tracker

best car gps tracker

We’ve reviewed 100+ devices to find the best car gps tracker. We’ll go through them below.

What Is The Best Car GPS Tracker Device?

With GPS tracking fast becoming a must have for businesses, Vehicle owners will want to know what the best tracking device is.

There are many trackers out there, so knowing what to buy & potentially invest in is the majority of the battle.

If you are someone with many vehicles, you dont want to roll out a solution that isn’t right for you, locking you into a particular model/brand of hardware.

We wanted to find out the best car gps tracker, so we tested some and compiled the results below.

Here are our top 6.

#1 GPYes Tracket – An OBD Tracking Device

Best Car GPS Tracker

The clear winner in GPS Tracking solutions is the GPYes Tracket; an OBD 4G GPS tracker device designed as a Turnkey GPS Tracking solution.

We reviewed many GPS trackers, and we found that The GPYes Tracket is the Best Car GPS Tracker; it is accurate, portable and easy to install.

Installation was simple, all we had to do was unbox it and plug it directly into our vehicles OBD port.

Real time tracking, route playback, reports and geozones are all supported on this tracker.

The Tracket is provided by GPYes Tracking Solutions and is available only on a subscription basis of $15 per month, per device.

#2 GPYes Holdet Battery GPS Tracking Device

The Holdet is another offering from GPYes.

It is a rugged Battery GPS Tracker which contains strong magnets for attaching to the outside of vehicles, shipping containers, and other various assets.

It’s specs state that the battery standby life is 240hours. However, in real world testing we found that the battery will last between 10-45 days depending on how often it is sending data to the server.

It can be recharged easily through the USB micro port. You can also use this tracker permanently plugged in so that the battery never runs out.

Much like the Tracket, The GPYes Holdet is also only available on subscription basis of $15 per month, per device.

#3 Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable GPS Tracker

This magnetic GPS tracker from America loc is known as the Americaloc GL300W.

It is in the upper regions of price, providing real time tracking, route playback and geozones.

The Americaloc can be purchased outright for $269 from DirectNine AU.

#4 – Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle

The Optimus is a quality unit which has supporting apps for Android and iPhone.

This tracker works in a different way from the previous ones, as it does not log data to a server, but rather notifies your application when data is generated.

The included twin-magnet case works very well for concealment.

The Optimus can be found online at Amazon.

#5 – The Mileage Ace GPS Tracker

The Mileage Ace GPS Tracker - packs a punch

The Milage Ace GPS Tracker is large, but packs a punch.

If you are owning & operating a business and you require keeping an eye on how many miles your drivers are doing, let the Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker work for you.

In most cases, you would depend on the driver to produce the logs, which leads to a lot of human error.

#6 – Spytec GL300 Mini GPS Tracker

Spytec GL300 Mini GPS Tracker - one of our best trackers

Descretely tracking a vehicle has never been easier. Due to the small size of this Spytec GL300 you are able to hide it anywhere within your vehicles frame.

The downside is the battery usage is not as good as others, lasting a mere 10 days, and the subscription costs are higher than most.

The Best GPS Tracker Cars and Vehicles

When making the decision to invest in a vehicle tracker, you want to know that you are getting the best on the market.

Finding a car tracking device that will meet all of your requirements can be a difficult process but to make this easier and save you time, our experts have reviewed the top vehicle trackers.

How to Pick the Best Car Tracker / Vehicle Tracking Device?

Picking the correct vehicle GPS tracker for your needs will require you distinguishing what you are searching for.

If the only requirement that you have is to follow a vehicle’s GPS path, a cheap vehicle tracker will suffice.

In any case, if work an armada of vehicles and fuel is a significant cost region at that point lessening this through having important experiences into fuel the board, speeding, sitting, and directing will be fundamental.

On the off chance that your emphasis is more on staff security in remote areas, at that point cautions, man-down, and immobilization choices will be basic to guarantee vehicle security.

On the off chance that you’re hoping to secure resources in remote field areas, at that point you’ll be searching for something weatherproof and solid with a decent reinforcement battery.


To find the best GPS tracker which will work for you, you need to trial.

Although a lot of trackers all provide the same functionality, there are specific things to look out for, such as;

  • What network bands are supported?
  • Ae they 2G, 3G or 4G?
  • Does the tracking platform require a subscription?

Repair Manual Wiring Diagrams

Once you find the best car gps tracker for you, use a wiring diagram found with within the repair manuals on this site.

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